Wind causes a worn out bicycle rider

According to Salisbury Post, after a great night in the Ruby Hill Motel, I woke up with a plan to head out early. My idea was to get ahead of the serious winds that were forecast, all set to be on the road by 5:30 a.m. I had all my supplies from a pricey convenience store across the street and plenty of energy. I had four summits to climb, the first beginning just out of Eureka.

A little more about Eureka. The folks there are trying to sell the town as really trendy and want everyone to believe that people just can’t wait to visit. Maybe some are, but many of those in the motels last night live there. Eureka was a silver mining town, beginning in the 1860s and ending in the 1880s. Lead was also a major product, with Eureka being one of the largest producers in the world. The population was once as high as 9,000 residents.

I spoke to the lady in a knickknack shop, the owner of one of the motels and the library manager. None of them were very helpful when it looked like I didn’t have a room, but the star of the evening was Lola from the Ruby Hill Motel. She went the extra mile so that I could have a wonderful room last night, see the NBA Championship and have a comfortable night’s sleep.

With that I headed east from Eureka and climbed the Pinto Summit early at 7,376 feet, then the Pancake Summit at 6,517. Both of these went pretty well. A manageable headwind was present but not a real concern. I saw Mark Kolding again in between those summits and he told me that his plan was to make it to Ely, rest a little while and then ride on to Majors Junction.

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