Western Michigan’s Tim Lester enjoys hands on role

Reporting from Kalamazoo Mi, Mlive revealed how Western Michigan’s Tim Lester has found himself in an awkward position in his first season as the head coach of Broncos. He led the Division I for the first time in his young career and he felt more removed from the action than ever during dame day.

Tim Lester felt like he is a spectator while co-coordinators Kevin Johns, Jake Moreland lead the offense and Tim Daoust guides the defense.

“I always told people that I had a great seat, give me some popcorn, and I get to decide whether we went for it on fourth down or not, that was it. I tried to get the guys mentally right and get a feel for the demeanor on the sideline and where we were at mentally and try to make good decisions on when to be aggressive offensively and when not to, but that was it. It was really weird,” says Lester last year.

On the other hand, this won’t be the case in 2018 since he will take play-calling duties after John left to Texas Tech in January. Lester, known as the former quarterback of Broncos has invested all but one season of college coaching career on the offense side of the ball.

WMU hired Lester in January 2017 and there were only two months before the spring practice finally begins. He knew that it was not enough time to establish himself for the program and installing his own offensive system.Papa Murphy’s survey is the best place to reveal your feedback.

“I knew for the first four or five months of this job, getting to know this place, getting everything in order, I was not going to have time to be the offensive coordinator for at least the first five or six months, so I hired Kevin, and he did a phenomenal job,” he explained.

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