Bicyclic Peptide

Bicycle Therapeutics and Cancer Research UK started the first clinical study to assess a bicyclic peptide. They evaluated the possibilities in patients with advanced solid tumors.

According to Pharmatimes, the first patient was dosed in Phase I/IIa trial with BT1718, a first-in-class Bicycle Toxin Conjugate that targets Membrane Type 1 Matrix Metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP/MMP-14). This drug is reportedly familiar with the case with solid tumors. The report also revealed that the trial targets to enroll 120 patients. Rapid dose escalation will take place in the said operation and after that, an evaluation of two schedules, BT1718, will happen. BT1718 was described as the very first example of the drug conjugate technology. Its toxic chemical payloads are expressed specifically to malignant tumors as it minimizes toxin exposure through the renal clearance.

Meanwhile, partners revealed that BT1718 demonstrated “promising target-dependent efficacy in preclinical models, including both cell- and patient-derived xenografts that are resistant to treatment with standards of care.” They noted as well how the therapy is safe, showing only a subset of toxicities typically associated with other highly potent cancer treatments.

“The initiation of this study is a landmark event for the company and for our technology. We believe that Bicycles, because of their small size and exquisite selectivity, could provide meaningful efficacy to patients suffering from cancer and avoid the toxicities associated with other classes of highly potent anti-cancer drugs. We are delighted to be exploring its potential in collaboration with Cancer Research UK,” said Maria Koehler, Bicycle’s chief medical officer.

Furthermore, CR UK’s Centre for Drug Development (CDD) sponsors and co-manages the trial. Bicycle retains the right to further advance the BT1718 program under the terms of the deal. This deal is to the point of an undisclosed payment split between cash and equity, royalty payments are to be given to the charity, and success-based milestones. Still, it is worth knowing what Kroger customer want.


A woman raised money to give someone a bicycle

Jennifer Johnson made an unlikely friend earlier this year.  This new friend became a big part of her life since then. Bobby Burke, known by many in the Milton community as Mr. Bobby, was walking from his home in Bagdad to his job in East Milton. One day, Johnson stopped and asks him if he needed a ride. From there, their friendship blossomed!

“I’ve seen this man ride down my road for some time now on his regular two-wheel pedal bike, but one day I [saw] him walking and I stopped to ask him where he was going and to see if he needed a ride,” Johnson said. “Ever since this day … every time I see Mr. Bobby walking, I give him a ride, even when it makes me late to work. According to Johnson, Bobby is well-known around town and there are some other generous residents who give him rides to work and give him money for food.

An anonymous police officer from the city of Milton donates money each month to a fund set aside for Bobby at Burger King to buy ice cream cones, and an unknown resident has a fund at the Milton Bakery for Bobby to purchase a muffin on his way to work in the mornings.

After driving Bobby to work for a while, Johnson said she started thinking of solutions that would be best for him in the long run. Eventually, Johnson found the perfect bike for Bobby after researching online and shops. She encourages people to join GoFundMe page to raise money to purchase the bike. Some deposited their donation into the bank. It exceeded her $500 goal by raising $954 in less than a month!

Furthermore, Johnson gave the bike to Bobby last Dec. 21. The video she uploaded on Facebook had over 16,000 views and nearly 300 shares on Facebook. Everyone was delighted to see that the cause succeeded.

Tips for Keeping a Motorcycle Clean

As a new motorcycle owner, you may be interested in getting tips for keeping the machine clean.

Firstly, in order to keep your motorcycle clean, it is important for you to create a regular cleaning schedule for the machine. This is where, for instance, you can decide to be cleaning the motorcycle once every three days, without fail. This approach is better than only cleaning the motorcycle ‘whenever you feel like doing it’.

Secondly, in order to keep your motorcycle clean, it is important for you to ensure that you use the right methods while undertaking the cleaning. This is where, for instance, you may get better results by opting to be actually washing the motorcycle, as opposed to simply wiping it. Wiping and washing are two different things.

Thirdly, in order to keep your motorcycle clean, it is important for you to ensure that you use the right tools while undertaking the cleaning. This is just the way people who are undertaking home cleaning are advised to use the right tools – including vacuum cleaners. That is where we have highly specialized vacuum cleaners, like, say, the good vacuums for stairs which tend to be well covered in the best home vacuums review articles. Similarly, there are highly specialized cleaning tools for motorcycles. Those are the tools you should identify and use when trying to keep your motorcycle looking presentable.

Introducing a New Motorcycle Brand Into the Market

Introducing a new motorcycle brand into the market is not likely to be an easy undertaking. After all, there are already so many motorcycle brands in the market, and some are still unknown in spite of having been in market for so many years. When all is said and done though, there are two key things you need to do, when introducing a new motorcycle brand into the market.

Firstly, when introducing a new motorcycle brand into the market, you need to try and get all the major motorcycle vendors to start stocking that particular new motorcycle brand. Once you can get the vendors to stock the brand, people will start buying. And once the initial people buy the motorcycles, the brand will start growing ‘organically’ from there.

Secondly, when introducing a new motorcycle brand into the market, you need to create awareness about that particular brand. People need to know about its existence, if they are to consider buying it. You can create awareness through formal advertising campaigns. You can also obtain mailing lists of people who are likely to be interested in motorcycles, and write to them emails introducing your new motorcycle brand. This is not as hard as it sounds. You can just go to the ATT email login page, or to (that is, to the email login page, sign into your account there, and proceed to write emails to the folks in your mailing list — introducing the motorcycle brand. Don’t underestimate this exercise, for people are always bound to buy brands that they are familiar with: regardless of how the familiarity was created. This is why we are always inclined to buy popular electronics brands, such as Panasonic and Sony in spite of there being other possibly better and much cheaper – but unknown – brands in the markets.

How to go About Selling a Motorcycle on eBay

One of the ways in which you can go about selling a new or used motorcycle is by auctioning it on the eBay website.

The first step you need to take, when seeking to sell a motorcycle on eBay is that of creating an account on eBay. This is assuming that you don’t already have one such account.

The second step you need to take, when trying to sell a motorcycle on eBay, is that of creating a description of the motorcycle that you want to sell. This is something you can do locally, on your computer. Should you have technical difficulties using your computer for this (or any other) task, you can obtain technical help from Logmein123. That would entail going to the login page, and trying to obtain technical help there. This is assuming that the technical problems you are facing are of a nature that you can’t resolve by yourself.

The third step you need to take, when trying to sell a motorcycle on eBay, is that of photographing the motorcycle.

The fourth step you need to take, when trying to sell a motorcycle on eBay is that uploading the description and the photograph on eBay.

After this, you only have to wait for buyers to start expressing interest in the motorcycle, before finally making a sale.

Considerations for you to Make When Buying Headphones

There are several considerations that you need to make when buying headphones.

When buying headphones, the first consideration you need to make pertains to the compatibility of the headphones with the gadget you are planning to use them on. You ultimately need to go for the right class of headphones for your particular device. And for any given class of headphones, you may be advised to visit third-party review sites, such as to obtain advice on the right headphones for you to buy.

When buying headphones, the second consideration you need to make pertains to the quality of sound produced by the headphones. Here too, much will depend on whether you are buying headphones for general use, for use while sleeping, for use while working in a noisy environment… and so on. You may want, for instance, to establish what is the best earbuds for sleeping before proceeding to make a purchase decision, if that is what you are looking for. Ideally, you should also go for headphones that wouldn’t harm your health: headphones that agencies like the Federal Communications Commission would approve of.

Finally, when buying headphones, the third consideration you need to make pertains to durability: that is, whether the particular brand of headphones you are considering buying has a reputation for being durable. Here, the headphones brand may be critical for you to consider. Brand names like Siemens, Alcatel and Huawei are not just fancy labels: they stand for something.

Factors That May Push a City to Offer Free Bicycles to its Residents

Several factors may push a city to offer free bicycles to its residents.

A city may offer free bicycles to its residents in order to reduce congestion on its roads, or on its public transport network.

A city may also offer free bicycles to its residents in order to promote healthy living and physical activity. It has often been argued that riding a bicycle is one of the best forms of physical exercise, and that is indeed something you are likely to find a lot of support for if you visit websites like WebMD or that of Mayo Clinic. And it is in cities’ best interest to promote good health in their residents, because when the residents fall ill, it is the cities that suffer in terms of reduced productivity and other things.

A yet another level, a city may offer free bicycles to its residents in order to reduce pollution. You have to understand that bicycles don’t emit any exhaust gasses, unlike the other forms of motorized transport available to city residents.

While many cities desire to offer the said free bicycles to their residents, the logistics of doing so tend to be a bit complicated. The challenge is that of ensuring that the people who are given the free bicycles are able to return them. That often necessitates the charging of ‘deposits’ which in turn means that the bicycles are no longer free. Then there is also the question of sustainability of the whole program, and the question of how it can be funded on a long-term basis.