BRAN 2018

The scenic beauty of the state will celebrate its 38th week-long bike ride celebration and Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska (BRAN) gave the bicyclists the chance to join. According to 1011 Now, BRAN uses its entire profit to offer scholarships for the Nebraska Highschool Seniors of the host community. This allows them to attend Nebraska trade school, college, universities.

Meanwhile, BRAN has no paid employees and runs entirely with the help of the volunteers, who even use personal vacations just to invest time in the said organization. The theme of 2018 even is “A Southern State of Mind.” As per the earlier mentioned source, the bicycle ride will kick off on June 3 (Sunday) and ends on June 9 (Saturday). The starting line is at Ogallala, overnight in Imperial, McCook, Alma, Red Cloud, Fairbury, Seward and ends in Ashland. BRAN 2018 participants will have an option to have three to four-day ride, along with the traditional seven-day tour.

Moreover, BRAN aims to offer the bicyclist a fun and safe experience annually. However, the ultimate goal is to provide the scholarship to the qualified students. At present, they will award over $30,000 each year to students. The only thing needed in order to be qualified for the scholarship is to be an attendee of any school in Nebraska, find the liquor store.

The tour’s cost is $240 for the week and $150 for three to four-day tours. Inclusive there is the fee for the following:

  • the gear during the week
  • stationary and mobile support
  • on the road including treats and water
  • private showers
  • coffee in the morning
  • a commemorative t-shirt
  • water bottle

On the other hand, bus rides to the beginning town of Ogallala is an additional charge. One can register online, at the or contact the Northwest Rotary Club of Omaha. In the end, the opportunity to ride with fellow cyclists and enjoy several stopovers to see what Nebraska has to offer are awesome moments that not everyone can experience.

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