A woman raised money to give someone a bicycle

Jennifer Johnson made an unlikely friend earlier this year.  This new friend became a big part of her life since then. Bobby Burke, known by many in the Milton community as Mr. Bobby, was walking from his home in Bagdad to his job in East Milton. One day, Johnson stopped and asks him if he needed a ride. From there, their friendship blossomed!

“I’ve seen this man ride down my road for some time now on his regular two-wheel pedal bike, but one day I [saw] him walking and I stopped to ask him where he was going and to see if he needed a ride,” Johnson said. “Ever since this day … every time I see Mr. Bobby walking, I give him a ride, even when it makes me late to work. According to Johnson, Bobby is well-known around town and there are some other generous residents who give him rides to work and give him money for food.

An anonymous police officer from the city of Milton donates money each month to a fund set aside for Bobby at Burger King to buy ice cream cones, and an unknown resident has a fund at the Milton Bakery for Bobby to purchase a muffin on his way to work in the mornings.

After driving Bobby to work for a while, Johnson said she started thinking of solutions that would be best for him in the long run. Eventually, Johnson found the perfect bike for Bobby after researching online and shops. She encourages people to join GoFundMe page to raise money to purchase the bike. Some deposited their donation into the bank. It exceeded her $500 goal by raising $954 in less than a month!

Furthermore, Johnson gave the bike to Bobby last Dec. 21. The video she uploaded on Facebook had over 16,000 views and nearly 300 shares on Facebook. Everyone was delighted to see that the cause succeeded.

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